Thursday, November 11, 2010

i weigh 164 today! woo. anywho, I have done moderately well this week. just didn't get to the gym, but we are excited about going to the gym tomorrow.

it's a learning curve.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Yeah, I sure used this as a way to get fit right?

well, I gave myself until Saint Patrick's day to lose weight. so if I don't get a move on I won't ever get to drink green beer.

Yesterday I woke up determined as hell to get to the gym. after one clusterfuck to another I didn't get there, and was so stressed I made some bad choices. on purpose. So today is my Monday. hooray.

I had a long talk with my doctor yesterday and she thinks that I'm doing ok, but if I lose 5-10lbs that any problems with my blood pressure should disappear! BUT my motivation has disappeared. until I saw a friend yesterday. she lost 15 lbs and she looks so fantastic I'm dying of jealousy . so that was motivation.

also I have a new tattoo design.

anywho, i'll check back in every day. promise.